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Smart Tweezers ST5: Innovation for Surface Mount Devices

LCR Meter ST5

Combination RLC Multimeter with High Precision Tweezers

Digital multimeter featuring sorting, semi-automatic offset subraction, diode and continuity tests of SMD components and Li-Ion batteries with USB charger!

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The Only Device Needed for Sorting, Troubleshooting or Debugging SMD Components

Smart Tweezers are a lightweight handheld tool that incorporates an LCR meter, precision tweezers, and an LCD, creating the perfect tool for testing and troubleshooting complex circuits, as well as testing and identifying Surface Mount Devices. The gold-plated tweezer tips allow the Smart Tweezers device to give high accuracy readings of resistance, capacitance, and inductance, as well as automatically indentifying components.

Testing with the Smart Tweezers Device

Due to small sizes, lack of wire leads, or unclear markings, most SMDs are hard to test, sort and identify. Smart Tweezers are the answer to all these problems. By simply squeezing the tweezer tips together to hold a component, the device with identify what component it holds, then automatically selects the best test ranges and frequencies for the highest accurate measurements. Not only can the device measure loose components, but also those already mounted. By simply testing a mounted component the same way as a loose component, Smart Tweezers can also warn the user if an open circuit is present.

Fully Automated and Manual Functions

Smart Tweezers make short and efficient work for anything to do with surface mount devices. When a component is placed between the two tines of the tweezers, the device automatically selects L, C or R, the proper test range and test frequencies. When the nearly instantaneous measurement is completed, the information is relayed to the LCD screen, displaying the component type, and other detailed analysis such as Z and ESR. When an SMD needs to be tested under certain parameters, multiple manual functions are available. A 4 wire Kelvin probe allows Smart Tweezers to guarantee low capacitance and resistance offset throughout measurements.

Easy to Use and Compact

Designed ergonomically, and easily used with one hand (left or right), the simplicity of the device allows users to easily focus on the task at hand. Troubleshooting, testing and sorting SMD components becomes quick and easy, thus cost effective. The devices Li-Ion battery is charged by USB plug, allowing Smart Tweezers to be able to charge nearly anywhere.

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